Guest Blog: DIY Decorative Hooks

Friends! I hope you're doing so well even during this quarantine that we've all been going through. It's been a goal of mine to share lots of extra joy through art during this time to keep you all inspired!

Today I'm sharing a fun new DIY project for you featuring the amazing P. Graham Dunn. They just have so many fabulous products to create with and I love that I get to share them with you. Another amazing thing about P Graham Dunn? During this Covid-19 pandemic, they have used their resources to assemble over 1 million infection control shields. How amazing is that?! Seriously, P. Graham Dunn is just the best! 

I just thought that news was too good not to share...but now let's start creating! For this project you will only need a few things:

- 26x10.5 Craft Pallet from P Graham Dunn
- 2 acrylic paint colors (I chose a light pink and white but you could use any colors)
- a chippy bristle brush (I used a 2 inch brush)
- a skinny brush for lettering
- drill
- hooks/knobs
- hanger for the back

Step 1:

This first step is oh so easy...paint the entire pallet one solid color (I chose light pink as pictured). You'll want to be sure to paint the sides as well! Allow to dry before moving on to step 2.


Step 2:

Using your 2 inch chippy brush and your second acrylic paint color (I chose white) you're going to paint over top of the first layer. The goal is to allow some of the first color to shine through the new layer. Since you're using a chippy brush, this will be fairly easy, too. You'll just want to be sure that your brush strokes all go in the same direction. Allow to dry before moving on to step 3. 

Step 3:

Using a skinny brush, you're going to use your first color again (I'm using light pink) to add some lettering! You could add any word or words here. Or perhaps even a design rather than words (hearts, flowers, or a mandala-type pattern for example). I chose the word joy and painted it across the top of my pallet (leaving room for my hooks at the bottom). Allow to dry before moving on to the last step.

Step 4: 

For this step, you're going to drill a few holes in your pallet (I needed 3). Then, you'll add your knobs/hooks! Mine simply screw through the holes and attach to the back with the hardware they came with. You can find decorative knobs/hooks at many stores. My favorite places to find them include Hobby Lobby and World Market. You'll also want to add a hanger to the back (perhaps a saw tooth hanger). Then you're all finished and ready to use your super cute new hooks!

I sure do love sharing these fun DIY projects with you. My friends at P Graham Dunn have been oh so generous and given me a coupon code to share! Use the code JOY during checkout for 15% off your entire order, yay!

Thanks so much for checking out this project and post. Stay inspired and healthy, too!



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